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-A Chicken Talking To A Duck

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雞同鴨講──直接鬧完特朗普,不如試吓婉轉啲嘅方法?|A Chicken Talking To A Duck By Chatterbox

2016-10-15 11:32
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Earlier this week, I came across a viral video on Facebook of award-winning actor Robert de Niro giving his take on the US presidential election. Or rather more accurately, he was berating Republican candidate Donald Trump, calling him all sorts of unpleasant names.

Nothing new, I suppose, as more and more Hollywood stars are speaking out trying to stop Trump from winning the election. De Niro’s emotion-charged video was deemed too partisan to be included in the final campaign to encourage the American public to vote on 8th November. However, it was separately released online which drew millions of viewers worldwide.

In the video, the actor spoke frankly about his feelings. There’s no profanity in his colourful description of Trump but it was pretty harsh with words such as “blatantly stupid”, “con”, “idiot”, “bozo”, “bullshit artist” and “punk”.

That got me thinking; wouldn’t it be more effective if we chose not to be so upfront while giving somebody a piece of our mind or outright telling them they are stupid?

The beauty of being subtle is seeing how people react after finally realising what’s been said to them, the facial expressions that come afterwards are priceless. Subtle expressions deliver the perfect insult. There are plenty of phrases and idioms, which come in handy.

To imply someone is not very clever, you can use: “don’t have a clue”, “not the brightest crayon in the box” or “not the sharpest tool in the shed”.

Another fun expression that I always use is “The lights are on, but nobody’s home”. It’s a pretty humorous way to say someone is stupid.

Other creative ways include: “a few fries short of a Happy Meal”, “24 cents short of a quarter”, “elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor”, “receiver is off the hook” or “not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree”. These are pretty straightforward to understand because it’s all about things that are incomplete or dysfunctional.

Since I have taught you some of the more politically correct ways to say someone is stupid, I may as well tell you how to let people know you are angry in an equally subdued way.

You can use words such as “enraged”, “fuming”, “outraged”, “furious”, “incensed”, or use the phrase “hot under the collar” will just be as effective. Another rather disturbingly descriptive phrase is “frothing at the mouth”, which projects an image of a rabid animal, which really serves the purpose of letting someone know you are extremely furious.

Before I go, a few more handy words that are easy to remember to describe anger; affronted, annoyed, cross, irate, irritated and offended. Use them often enough and you will become more natural in expressing yourself in a less confrontational way even in the most confrontational situation. Good luck and see you all next week.

幾天前,我在Facebook上看到獲獎演員羅拔迪尼路(Robert De Niro)為美國總統大選所拍攝的短片。準確點來說,那是他嚴斥共和黨總統候選人特朗普,以各種不客氣方式招呼他的一條短片。


短片當中,迪尼路毫無保留地表達其肺腑之言。他繪形繪聲地描述特朗普時,雖然沒有過於褻瀆性的內容,但諸如「blatantly stupid」、「con」、「idiot」、「bozo」、「bullshit artist」及「punk」之類的詞語,還是相當苛刻的。這令我忽發奇想──我們大發雷霆、批評別人愚蠢時,不要那麼直率、那麼坦白,難度不是會更有效地表達意思嗎?


要暗示某人不太聰明,你可以說「don’t have a clue」、「not the brightest crayon in the box」或「not the sharpest tool in the shed」。另一個形容某人愚笨、趣味盎然的短語是「The lights are on, but nobody’s home」,是個相當幽默的說法呢。

其他創意無限的措詞還有──「a few fries short of a Happy Meal」、「24 cents short of a quarter」、「elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor」、「receiver is off the hook」或「not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree」。句中描述的身件,不是不完整,就是壞掉。相當簡單易明吧?


你可以用到「enraged」、「fuming」、「outraged」、「furious」、「incensed」這些詞語,或「hot under the collar」這句話,亦有同樣效力。另一個相當令人不安的描述性短語是「frothing at the mouth」,它呈現的畫面,就是一隻患上瘋狗病的動物,絕對可表達出你心內怒氣沖天的感受。


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