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-A Chicken Talking To A Duck

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雞同鴨講──特朗普震驚了全世界人民…英文點講?|A Chicken Talking To A Duck By Chatterbox

2016-11-12 09:40
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I am sure the world over is still in shock by the results of the US presidential election this week with maverick billionaire Donald Trump rising to become one of the most powerful men in the world.

I know you must be feeling quite frustrated. Don’t worry, there are many words and phrases to express shock and disbelief. One phrase I particularly like is “jump out of your skin”, which is so vivid to describe someone so startled that they manage to jump out of their own body.

Other more commonly used words are shocked, speechless, astonished or you can also say you are “lost for words” or “words fail me”, both are equivalent to being speechless; another good one is “struck dumb”.

One rather peculiar phrase is “knock your socks off” to describe someone who is amazed and impressed after being shown something; but its origin has little to do with someone being impressed. One plausible explanation is that the phrase used to describe someone being defeated in a fight to the extent that they would lose their shoes as well as their socks.

When something comes “out of the blue” it means it comes out from nowhere and totally unexpected. When someone does “a double take” it means they are so surprised with what they see they need to look twice. This is quite an easy phrase to remember and you can certainly use it often to spice up your daily conversational English.

What if someone “drops a bombshell”? Don’t worry it’s not a terrorist act; it simply means they make an unexpected announcement that will change things. You can also use it in a different way like, “the news of Trump being elected as US president was a bombshell.”

Some other longer expressions you might have heard before are “Who would have thought?” or “seeing is believing”.

To describe a more serious degree of shock or dismay, you can say you are “horrified”, “scared stiff”, “terrified”, or “petrified”. If you want to be more ingenious, how about “scare someone out of their wits”, “scare the living daylights out of someone” or “make someone’s hair curl”?

Here are a couple of crazy sounding but rather impressive words I sometimes use for special effect; “flabbergasted” and “gobsmacked”. Flabbergast is an old English word that has been around for at least 300 years but is of unknown origin. Gobsmacked is British slang which means someone is utterly astounded. It is a hybrid combining gob and smack as gob means mouth and smack means to strike, so putting the two together to describe someone as lost for words after having their mouth smacked. Ouch!

Well, besides feeling flabbergasted by the outcome of the US presidential election, I guess one can also feel disgusted because it’s horrid, to say the least. Let’s hope we don’t get too consumed by frustration and disgust. Have a restful weekend and see you all next week.


你一定會也感到沮喪吧?先別擔心,許多英語字詞和短語,都能表達震驚和難以置信的感受。這句是我特別喜歡的:「jump out of your skin」,形容某人吃驚得身體也跳了起來,描寫得極為生動。

字詞方面,常用的有「shocked」、「speechless」、「astonished」,甚至是「lost for words」或「words fail me」,它們都是啞口無言的意思。還有「struck dumb」,解作令人瞠目結舌,亦有相近的意思。

以下這句短語「knock your socks off」,便似乎帶有一點奇怪的味道了。它形容某人知道某事後,顯得極為驚奇,但其起源卻與人們感到驚訝完全無關。聽說一個可能的解釋是,這句話用來形容人們打架時不敵對手,輸得連自己的鞋襪都失去了。

另一方面,若然某事「out of the blue」,意思是「事件突然從無法預測的來源冒出來」;至於「a double take」,則指某人驚訝得怔住了,要再看一次才可確認事實就是眼前如此。這是一個很容易記住的短語,絕對能令日常會話增加趣味呢。

如果某人「drops a bombshell」,又是甚麼意思呢?別恐慌,這不是甚麼恐怖襲擊,只是代表某人發表出乎意料的言論,改變當前局勢。我們可以用不同方式提起這句話,例如「the news of Trump being elected as US president was a bombshell」。

還有一些較長的用語,包括「who would have thought?」及「seeing is believing」,也許它們的意思,你已經聽過了。

要形容程度更高的震驚或沮喪,你也可以說你被「horrified」、「scared stiff」、「terrified」或是「petrified」了。如果想說得更別出心裁一點,「scare someone out of their wits」、「scare the living daylights out of someone」或「make someone’s hair curl」亦未嘗不可呢。



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