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雞同鴨講──和愛人除了說「I love you」,你還可以說這些!|A Chicken Talking To A Duck By Chatterbox

2017-1-21 14:55
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Now in London, at the fourth and final stop of my cross-country holiday, I can sense that awful “back to work” feeling is already encroaching. But nonetheless I think I have been very fortunate to have also travelled to Spain, Morocco and France on this relatively short holiday. Although it was tough to choose, France was my favourite destination during my tour.

If you tell people you are going to France, almost all of them would probably have the same envious reaction as their minds conjure up romantic images and settings. I spent four days in the north of France and although the weather was chilly with temperatures below zero, somehow the sun still seemed to shine quite brightly. The mention of France almost always conjures a sense of class and sophistication as well as a powerful sense of love and ardour. My holiday was nothing short of romantic either, so I would like to share some phrases related to love and romance with you all.

No doubt you must have heard people say, “love at first sight” and “falling in love”, but there are many other ways to express romantic feelings. For true romantics, love is the essence of life, so why not say, “you make my world go round” to show how important someone is to you?

When you address your partner, instead of saying he or she is your spouse or husband or wife, you can use the phrase “my other half” or “my better half”, which is a sweet way to imply that they make you a better person.

There is also a more modern and politically correct way to refer to your partner in the third person by calling them “your significant other” or S.O. for short. I personally do not like the term because it’s not very affectionate, but many people seem to have adopted it as a common phrase.

I prefer expressions such as you are “the light of my life” or “you light up my life”. How about phrases that are slightly more dramatic such as “you drive me crazy”, “you are too good to be true”, “you are like a dream come true”, “I can’t live without you”, “we are soulmates”, “you make me a better person”, “we are meant to be together” or “you are my everything”? All these phrases may sound a bit over the top and exaggerated, but why not use them? Love should be celebrated and fully embraced.

Nevertheless, I understand there are some people who prefer to express love in a more subtle way. There are indirect ways to tell someone you love them; you can say you “have a crush” on them, or you “have a soft spot” for them or you “have the hots” for them or you “have fallen” for them.

There are also some rather romantic and subtle love expressions in Chinese, which are quite poetic sounding when translated into English; “locked in love’s clutches”, or when you are deeply in love, it may make you feel like “each day passes as a year” if the love of your life is gone.

Love should be celebrated every day and not just on Valentine’s Day. So fear less and love more. See you all next week.



「Love at first sight」和「falling in love」,大家肯定耳熟能詳,但要表達浪漫情懷,英語裡還有很多選擇。對於真正的浪漫主義者,愛就是生命的本質,那麼「you make my world go round」絕對適合他們用來表達某人的重要性。

而當你要稱呼你的另一半時,除了稱其為「spouse」、「husband」或「wife」外,亦可用到「my other half」或「my better half」,這暗示了你的伴侶使你成為一個更好的人,是個更恭敬的叫法呢。

要以第三人稱呼伴侶,還有一個更現代、更政治正確的叫法,就是「your significant other」或簡稱為「SO」。但這個叫法不夠深情,所以我個人不太喜歡,當然,很多人似乎已把它們視為日常用語了。

相對而言,我更喜歡「the light of my life」或「you light up my life」等措詞,還有一些充滿戲劇性的短語,例如「you drive me crazy」、「you are too good to be true」、「you are like a dream come true」、「I can’t live without you」、「we are soulmates」、「you make me a better person」、「we are meant to be together」或「you are my everything」。雖然它們聽起來有點誇張,但既然愛情就是應該慶祝、應該被擁抱的東西,何不嘗試用它們來表露你的情感?

但我也明白,有人希望以隱約的方式表白,這當然有不少間接的語句可派上場,例如你可以對喜歡的人說,你「have a crush on them」、「have a soft spot for them」、「have the hots for them」,甚至是「have fallen for them」。

要浪漫而含蓄地表達愛,中文也有不少語句,把它們譯為英文後,更是添上一股詩意。例如「locked in love’s clutches」,或者當你正在熱戀,卻被逼與戀人分隔時,就會感到「each day passes as a year」了。


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