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雞同鴨講──Strike gold!新年「有運到」、「冇運行」點講?|A Chicken Talking To A Duck By Chatterbox

2017-1-28 13:01
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Kung Hei Fat Choi to you all. This is a great time full of anticipation and joy as we get ready for the thrill and excitement of the Lunar New Year celebrations. Let’s usher in the Year of the Rooster with some positive phrases to get you inspired.

During the start of the Lunar New Year, it’s important to follow traditions so that we can increase our luck and be blessed with good luck all year round. So let’s follow the customs and look at some phrases related to luck.

How about “happy go lucky”? It’s used to describe someone that has a positive outlook on life and to be cheerful about mostly everything. For example, you can say someone is a happy-go-lucky person.

If you refer to something that happens as “the luck of the draw”, you are saying it happens as the result of pure chance rather than choice.

On a similar note, if something happens “more by accident than design”, it also means it’s by chance and without deliberate planning.

Sometimes you feel really lucky if something good just “falls into your lap”. This means it happens to you without you putting in any effort. Isn’t that wonderful?

In the Year of the Rooster, I sincerely hope that all of you will “strike gold” in whatever you do. To say you’ve “struck gold” means you find exactly what you are pursuing, may it be wealth, happiness or whatever.

“Strike it lucky” is another phrase that’s pretty handy to describe good luck. If someone “strikes it lucky” that means they’ve run into good luck. It doesn’t have to involve money at all; it can simply be used to describe anything related to luck.

A nice sounding phrase which I quite like is “sitting pretty”, it doesn’t involve praising someone looking good, it’s just a way to describe a good or fortunate situation. For example, you can say “He has made a small fortune on the stock market and now he is sitting pretty and enjoying an early retirement.”

However, if you say someone is “pushing their luck” you are warning them not to go any further because they might lose what they have already obtained or achieved.

To say “that ship has sailed” means a particular opportunity has passed by and that unlucky someone has missed their chance.

Before we go, let’s look at a few phrases of encouragement. To tell someone to “strike while the iron is hot” is to encourage them to act as the time is right and the chances of success are good. There is an exact Chinese equivalent.

To say “tomorrow’s another day” is to tell someone although the present situation is not ideal, things will improve soon.

If you want to say someone is “waiting in the wings” means they are waiting for an opportunity to take action, it’s mostly used to describe someone waiting to replace another person for a position.

If you do something while “the going is good”, it means you take action before the favourable situation changes or disappears.

That’s all for this week. I hope great opportunities fall into your lap all year round and you will be ready to make the most of the Year of the Rooster. Kung Hei Fat Choi.


有聽過「happy go lucky」嗎?它形容樂觀生活的人,萬大事也能臉掛微笑,例如你可以說,某人是個「happy go lucky person」。而如果某件已發生的事情是「the luck of the draw」,代表它會發生只是運氣驅使,並非人們選擇的結果。同樣地,如果事情發生是「more by accident than design」,亦代表它不過是機緣巧合罷了。

有時候,當一些好事「falls into your lap」時,你會感到三生有幸,這句話意指不費吹灰之力便有好事降臨,十分神奇呢。

在雞年,我衷心希望大家做甚麼也能「strike gold」──得到自己追求中的東西,財富、快樂,甚麼也可以。好運的代名詞,還可以說別人「strike it lucky」,代表他們碰上好運氣了,當中不一定牽涉金錢,任何與運氣有關的事也可以。

我很喜歡「sitting pretty」這個漂亮堂皇的詞彙,它並非讚揚某人外貌娟好,只是形容人處於某於優勢、有利的處境,例如「He has made a small fortune on the stock market and now he is sitting pretty and enjoying an early retirement.」(他在股票市場發了一筆橫財,現在春風得意,正在享受提前退休呢!)

但如果你說某人「pushing their luck」,你正警告他們不要再向前,因為他們有可能失去已經得到或實現的東西。至於「that ship has sailed」,則代表時機已過,沒幸運之神眷顧的人已經錯失良機了。

完結之前,再談談我們可以如何鼓勵別人吧。叫人「strike while the iron is hot」,與中文的「打鐵趁熱」意思相同,就是鼓勵他們在時機成熟時行動,成功機會必會不俗。至於「tomorrow’s another day」,意指雖然目前情況不佳,但局面很快便會好轉。

說某人正在「waiting in the wings」,代表他們正靜候良機,這大多形容一個人在等待接替另一個人的位置。而在「the going is good」的時候完成某事,則指把握到有利形勢改變或消失前,及時採取行動。

今個星期就到此為止了。希望來年絕佳的機會都會「fall into your lap」,祝你準備好充分善用新一年!恭喜發財!

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