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雞同鴨講──It’s been a breeze!與天氣有關的idioms|A Chicken Talking To A Duck By Chatterbox

2017-3-18 16:40
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Today on my Facebook news feed, there was a noticeable contrast of photos from my friends in London and New York. My friends in London were overjoyed by the unseasonable warmth and sunshine that bore down on their usually gloomy city, while my friends in New York shared photos of the aftermath of Storm Stella and an abundance of makeshift snowmen.

Although English is rich with idioms, I’ve only recently realised that a significant number of idioms are related to weather.

After all, it is a cliché that Brits discuss the weather when engaging in small talk. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that a great deal of figurative language deals with weather.

Have you heard of the expression, “the calm before the storm”? It’s used to describe a period of calm before a disturbance; just imagine you’ve finished preparing for a dinner party and you’re allowing yourself a few minutes of relaxation before all the guests come piling in.

Now imagine another scenario. You’re at a family dinner and you’ve just announced that you’ve received a significant promotion at work. Your parents are excited and they congratulate you, so all eyes are on you until your sibling announces that they’re getting married. Suddenly, the attention is diverted from you to your brother or sister, so it looks like they’ve stolen your thunder. I’m sure this has happened to all of you!

Want to quit your job, sell your home, uproot to a new city and start a new life? To heck with it, it’s time to “throw caution to the wind”! It simply means to forgo all responsibility and decide to act recklessly instead.

It sounds awfully risky, but if it works out for the best, then you’ll probably feel like you’re on “cloud nine”. You can probably guess that it’s another way to say you’re extremely happy.

Then again, you could just be “chasing rainbows”. Have any of you ever heard of the folk belief that a leprechaun hides his pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

When my daughter was little, she used to believe this and was insistent on finding the end of a rainbow to retrieve an illusory pot of gold (sadly, I didn’t have the heart to tell her otherwise). So, as you can guess, “chasing rainbows” means you’re trying to achieve a goal that’s out of your reach.

If you’re feeling unwell and want to “take a rain check” (politely refuse an offer or a meeting and postpone it to a later date), then you can simply say you’re feeling “under the weather”. It’s an alternative way to say you’re feeling a little unwell, but is often prescribed to mild illnesses like a cold or fatigue.

That’s all for this week, hopefully it’s been a breeze (meaning, it’s been easy) and you’ve learned a few more expressions to teach your friends or impress your English-speaking pals with. Take care everyone and see you all next week.

近日,我的Facebook news feed上出現了兩批照片,分別由身處倫敦和紐約的朋友上載,當中分別頗大:一邊廂是素來陰的倫敦,竟被久違的溫暖天氣和陽光,照遍了城內每一角落,令我的朋友樂透了;對岸的紐約,則剛受颱風Stella洗禮,相中盡是雪人的蹤影。


有聽過「the calm before the storm」嗎?它形容騷動即將發生前的平靜時期,例如預備了一頓盛大晚宴的你,在賓客們傾巢而至前,容許自己放鬆數分鐘,就是「the calm before the storm」的感覺了。

再來想像另一個場景:你正參與家庭聚餐,剛宣布獲得升職的消息。父母非常興奮地向你道賀,正當所有目光都注意著你時,你的表親竟然宣布他們要結婚了!突然間,大家的注意力都轉移到他們身上,感覺就像有人「steal your thunder」,相信大家都有過同樣經歷吧!

另一方面,或許大家都有過辭工、賣屋,連根拔起到別個城市重新開始的念頭。如果你有同感,是時候「throw caution to the wind」了!意即拋下所有責任,決定採取魯莽的行為。

當然,這聽起來非常危險,但若然事情發展順利,你會感到身處「cloud nine」之上,這個詞彙不難猜,就是非常快樂之意。

不過,這也可能變成「chasing rainbows」。有聽過妖精把他的金罐子藏在彩虹盡頭的民間傳說嗎?我的女兒還小時,她曾相信這個傳說,並堅持到彩虹盡頭尋找金罐子(可悲的是,我並沒有告訴她真相),可想而知,「chasing rainbows」的意思是,追逐無法達到的目標。

另外,要是你身體不舒服,希望「take a rain check」(禮貌地拒絕提議、約會,或把約會延遲),則可簡化說你正感到「under the weather」,亦即形容自己不適的代名詞,但通常用於感冒、疲憊等溫和的情況。

這個星期就到此為止吧!希望以上都「its been a breeze」(非常容易),而你也把能打動你那些說英語朋友的措詞,收進腦海中的詞典。小心身體,下周再見!

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